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In harnessing the newest technology in electric power, GolfBoard will give club members and guests an option to experience their course like never before. Players can carry their bag just like they would if they were walking, or they can opt for the handle bar bag mount, which allows players to use the GolfBoard like a stand-up personal golf cart.

This extraordinary new way to traverse the golf course is sure to excite the golfing public, while at the same time generating new interest in golf to the next generation of golfers. The GolfBoard will provide players the feeling of golfing freedom that walking gives, while at the same time speeding up pace of play – a big problem at many courses today.

Aside from having less impact on turf than a standard golf cart, the GolfBoard will require considerably less maintenance. Utilising the latest in lithium-ion battery technology, the self-contained GolfBoard has fewer moving parts to break or wear out, resulting in more time carrying players on the course and enjoying everything the board has to offer.

Golf professionals and all green-keepers will love the GolfBoard too. We have made sure to make the GolfBoard as sustainable as possible to the environment they ride on.

We incorporated patented, proprietary 4WD technology to evenly distribute power to the GolfBoards’ 9-inch turf tyres, virtually eliminating ‘tyre-spin’ and torn up turf – even on dewey mornings or damp conditions. With sleek fenders covering all four wheels, golfing riders can play those wet-weather rounds without fear of mud or water splattering their clothes.

GolfBoard also comes with built-in safety features, including an automatic parking brake that activates when a golfer steps off the board, and a fully enclosed drivetrain that protects hands and fingers from moving parts. Being such a new idea to the world of golf, we realise that safety and liability will be a concern for many golf courses. The GolfBoard should be covered by most courses assuming they have adequate insurance, and a simple waiver like the ones used when renting golf carts should protect the course in the event of an injury.

We understand each facility has its’ own budget structure. In an effort to make the GolfBoard accessible to as many interested clubs as possible, we offer several purchasing and financing options:

  • Direct purchase is available with quantity discounts
  • Short and Long-Term leasing options are available
  • Financing terms are available

In addition to our selection of purchasing options, we will also offer a variety of maintenance and warranty options to ensure your GolfBoards are always up and rolling.


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