What is The Golfboard?

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The GolfBoard is the most exciting, revolutionary addition to the game of golf since the graphite shaft, bringing high-tech mobile innovation to an otherwise traditional game.

The GolfBoard will change the way you experience the game of golf. The easy-to-ride electric board utilises the most advanced lithium-ion battery technology to drive the 4WD power train, and lets you “Surf the Earth” from shot to shot across the golf course.

Using the GolfBoard is easy and intuitive for everyone, has less negative impact on the course than a golf cart or golf buggy and gives the golfer the feeling of freedom of movement, much like surfing or snow-boarding but much, much easier. Simply step up onto the board and, using either the wireless handheld controller or the on-board thumb-throttle, gently engage power to the wheels and away you go. You are in full control of the speed and braking at all times, while your movement side-to-side guides the steering. All it takes is a brief training session and you’re off to the first tee!

The wireless controller directs the GolfBoard’s acceleration and braking, while the rider’s motion guides the steering.

Moving from shot to shot has now become just as much fun as hitting that great drive or sinking that long putt.

Our mission is a commitment to blending performance and golfing freedom in our revolutionary new product. The aim of frasercorp is to attract a younger generation of golfers to the game. Experienced players too, will now have an opportunity to enjoy the game, and their favorite courses, in a way like never before.

The four-wheeled-drive, lithium-ion battery powered GolfBoard has been built using insight and experience from a diverse team of golf industry professionals and electric vehicle experts. GolfBoard was designed from the ground up, to excite consumers and build a brand that will be known globally as the number one alternative to conventional golf carts.


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